Evaluation of Genetic Resources of Wheat and Triticale for Improving Noodle Quality
Family Support and Postnatal Emotional Adjustment
Teleworking and Work Efficiency in Hong Kong A Case Study Approach
Exposures to Artificial Sources of Ionising Radiation in Hong Kong
Enzymatic Modification of Oat Globulin by Microbial Transglutaminase
Application of Aerial Photograph Interpretation in Geotechnical Practice in Hong Kong
A Novel Sliding Mode Control Method for Induction Motor Drives
Morphometric and Agnor Studies of Normal Transitional and Malignant Human Colorectal Epithelium
Land Use and Land Cover Mapping of Central Guangdong Province China with Landsat Data
Effects of Influenza Vaccination and Temperature Screening of Day Care Children A Mathematical Model
Contributors to Chinese Literacy Development A Longitudinal Study of Preschoolers in Beijing Hong Kong and Singapore
Pathology and Molecular Biology of Malignant Thyroid Tumours
A Study of Tenant Mix Planning of Regional Shopping Centres and Its Implications
Thermodynamic Formulation for Damaging Materials
Large Diameter Pile Load Tests in Hong Kong A Contractors Perspective
Families with Autistic Children in Hong Kong An Exploratory Study
Effect of Stimulation and Degrees of Structuredness on Hyperactive Children
Re-Presenting Urban Heritage Reflections on the Design of a Historical Trail in Hong Kong
NMR Spectroscopic and Kinetic Studies on Secondary Enamines and Unstable Dihydroxy Derivatives of Heterocyclic Compounds
The Notion of Justice and Pattern of Justice Behaviour in Chinese Culture
The Behavior of Stock Prices in Relation to the Efficient Market Hypothesis from the Perspective of Information Costs
Housing Needs and Policies for Cities in Developing Countries With Special Reference to Hong Kong
The Equatorial Anomaly in Electron Content at Sunspot Minimum and Sunspot Maximum Within the Asian Region
Revitalization of Dense Residential Area
A Study of Japanese Direct Investment in East and Southeast Asia 1966-1975
Some Properties of C-Numerical Ranges and C-Numerical Radii
A Study of John Donnes Songs and Sonnets and Divine Sonnets in the Context of Some Aspects of the Sonnet and Lyric Tradition of the Sixteenth Century
Land-Use Transport System in Rapid Developing Chinese Cities Case Study in Shenzhen Metro Phase Is Corridor
Ultrastructural Study of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells in Vivo and in Vitro
Spectrum Analysis Using Time Domain Fourier Filter Outputs to Improve FFT Estimates
The Structure of the Semi-Permanent Atmospheric Systems Over Southeast Asia
Signficance of Cell Cycle Regulators in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Gene Expression Induced by Cisplatin in Hepatoma Cell Lines
The One-Parent Family
Solid Waste Management Strategy in Hong Kong Country Parks
Design Synthesis and Studies of Novel Classes of Photochromic Spirooxazine and Diarylethene Ligands and Their Metal-To-Ligand Charge Transfer Complexes
Why Addicts Relapse and Its Implications for Treatment
Conservation of Terrestrial Biodiversity in Hong Kong
An Improved Segmentation Rule
An Exploratory Study of the Issues of Integrating Divorce Mediation Service Into the Existing Judicial System
Effects of Elicitors on the Secondary Metabolism of Crown Gall and Hairy Root Cultures of Salvia Miltiorrhiza
Infiltration of Water Into Unsaturated Soils
In Vitro Interactions of Candida Species and Oral Bacteria
Partition Spaces
Stochastic and Chaotic Behaviour of Some Hydrological Time Series
A Re-Examination of the Roles of Medical Social Work
Some Aspects of Wind Loading Effects on the Design of Multi-Storey Buildings
A Review of Mitigation Methods to Reduce the Impact on the Marine Environment by Underwater Works A Case Study of Submersible Cable Laying
Ducted Fan Noise Control
Becoming a Friend Reading Thus Spake Zarathustra
Structure Photophysical and Theoretical Studies of Polynuclear Cu(i) AG(I) and Au(i) Metal Complexes

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